1st American State Bank of Minnesota

The bank’s original name was Hancock State Bank, in September 1994 the bank decided to change its name to 1st American State Bank of Minnesota.

The bank has been founded in 1936 in Hancock, Minnesota.

The bank also had another branch office in Benson, Minnesota.

The main image that used to be on the bank’s website:

Community Development Bank, FSB acquired 1st American State Bank of Minnesota at February 5, 2010.

It used to be a community bank providing banks products to professionals, individuals and businesses in Minnesota.

Some of the services the bank used to provide

  • Personal Banking
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Certificates of Deposit & IRA’s
    • Personal Loans
    • Mortgage Loans
    • Other Services
  • Business Banking
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Business & Ag Loans
    • Other Services
  • Insurance

Disclaimer used by the bank on their homepage

Welcome to 1st American Financial Center, a unique combination of Banking, Insurance and Financial Planning.

I invite you to explore 1st American State Bank of Minnesota online where you can request to open a new account, view your account balances, transfer funds, check rates, contact a banker for a new loan inquiry, or even order checks.

You can also explore 1st American State Agency of Minnesota online and contact one of our agents to request a review of your current policy, request a quote, or check current policy information.

We are proud to be your locally owned independent community bank and independent community insurance agency. Our staff is committed to making your financial dreams and wishes come true.

Review: Their online banking system

Their online banking system used to be pretty good considering the time, we’re talking about 2008 here.

Here’s the main features the system used to have:

  • View your account balances
  • View history of your accounts
  • View account information
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Review our products and services
  • Submit stop payment requests
  • Order Savings Bonds
  • Contact us thru e-mail
  • Use our loan calculators
  • Order checks with our link to Deluxe

Screenshot of the bank’s old website (about us page)

1stamstatebank About us page