Colony Bank Online Banking Login

Colony Bank provides community banking services in South and Central Georgia. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Fitzgerald, Georgia, the bank operates as a subsidiary of Colony Bankcorp Inc.

If you are have an account with Colony Bank and you may want to access the services online, you can simply register on the bank’s website. These services are designed to give customers an easy access to the banking services through the internet. And for customers who have smartphones, they can download mobile applications on their phones to access the banking services. If you are interested, let us show you how to easily login, reset your password and register.

How to login

If you have registered already, you will be logging in anytime using the login details that you provided during the registration process. Here are the steps you need to follow to login:

Step 1-Simply click

Step 2-Enter your online username and click “login”

Step 3-Provide your online password and click “submit”

How to reset your password

If you receive a login error when you try to login to your online account, you may want to change your password because it might be the correct password. You don’t have to worry because resetting your password is a pretty simple process. Here are steps to follow:

Step 1-Enter your username on the login page to reach the next page

Step 2– Click “forgot your password?”

Step 3-Provide your login ID, the last four digits of your Tax ID and your email address. Click “submit”

A new password will be sent through email

How to enroll

Colony Bank has made it easy for the customers to enroll for the online banking services on its website. All they have to do us visit the website and follow these simple steps to sign up for the online services:

Step 1-Find the “first time user” link on the homepage

Step 2-Click “clicker here” to enroll for online personal banking services

Step 3-Click “accept” after reading and understanding the terms and conditions

Step 4– Provide the details that are needed on the page and click “submit”

Manage your Colony Bank online account

The advantages of registering to access the online banking services include:

  • Unlimited access to banking services
  • Online customer support

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