Bank of Colorado Online Banking Login

With over 100 years of operation, the Bank of Colorado has over the years served the community in due diligence. It has become an innovative bank through offering mobile and internet banking solutions for the community around Colorado. Since 1900, it has managed to become a leader in the banking world.

Bank of Colorado is a veteran but friendly financial institution based in Colorado. It has become a community bank for the community within and around Colorado. Even though it was established before the age of the internet, it offers modern day banking solutions such as online pay bill, mobile, and internet banking. Due to its secure, friendly and affordable financial services, it has become a bank of choice for many.

How to log in

The essence of having a login account is so that you can access your account at your convenience. With your login information, you can access your account from anywhere. The process starts as follows:

Step 1: Got to the bank’s homepage via

Step 2: Enter your access ID and click either Personal or business login button, depending on the type of account you have.


Step 3: Put in your password and submit to access your account.


How to get your password if lost

An account without a password cannot be logged in. Most people, especially newcomers or first time to enroll will forget their login details. The password is the most common one. Luckily, there is a way to can retrieve your password and use it to access your account. It entails:

Step 1: Click the Forgot your password phrase.


Step: 2: Fill in the fields with your account details and submit.



In your email, you will receive your password details.

How to enroll

Customers who have a normal banking account can create or enroll for online banking. It is not only simple but safe when you submit your personal and account details online. You have to be a customer of the bank to enroll for internet banking.

Step 1: Click the button as shown below.



Step 2: Enter your personal details as below and submit to enroll.


After this step, you will perform other activities before you can complete the process.

Manage your Bank of Colorado account online

Managing your account online gives you the power to perform transactions without going to the bank in person. It is one way to make banking and borrowing loans easy. Everything else you do over the counter can be done from your mobile device. Those things entail:

  • Chatting online with a customer representative
  • Access to your account at any time or place
  • Check your account balance and bank statements
  • Transact from your bank account from your mobile device.