Security Bank Online Banking Login

Security Bank offers banking services and products to commercial, institutional and corporate customers. The bank was established in 1951 and has remained one of the most reliable and stable in the banking industry over the year

For Security Bank customers, accessing their bank account is easy through its safe and secure online banking services. And for customers who have a smartphone, managing your account at the bank is as easy as downloading an app to your smartphone and logging in. In this quick step by step guide, we will be showing you how to login and change your password as well as to sign up for the online banking services.

How to login

The bank has designed a website with an easy to use interface to give its customers an easy time when logging into their online platforms. Follow these quick steps:

Step 1-Just click

Step 2-Then click “login”

Step 3-Key in your user ID and password and click “login”

How to reset your password

You may have lost or forgotten your password but that doesn’t mean that it is the end of accessing your online account. Reset your password with these simple steps:

Step 1-Click “login” as we have shown above to access the next page

Step 2-Click “forgot password”

Step 3-Key in your user ID and email address

This will help the bank to identify that you have an account with them

How to sign up

To sign up so that you can have an online account with Security Bank, you will have to provide certain details. The steps that you need to follow to make the registration process simple have been highlighted below:

Step 1-Access the login page by clicking “enroll now”

Step 2-Click “enroll”

Step 3-Choose the account you want to open, whether bank account of credit card

Step 4-Fill in the details that are needed in the page and check the small box to confirm that you agree and then click “submit”

By doing so, you will have signed up for the online services offered by the bank

Manage your Security Bank account online

With your Secuirty Bank online account, you can do so much, including

  • Getting Paperless eStatements
  • Full time customers support, including live chats
  • Download mobile banking apps on your phone
  • Send money
  • Check balance