American Riviera Bank Online Banking Login

American Riviera Bank offers a range of community banking services and products for individuals and businesses in California. The bank was founded in 2006 and is based in Santa Barbara, California.

American Riviera Bank online banking services are meant to give customers convenient access to banking services that are offered by the company. The customers can bank at any particular time by simply accessing the online banking services that are offered. This guide will walk you through quick steps that will help you to login, change password and also sign up.

How to login

The process of logging in is basically the simplest process that you can complete and you will need to do this every time you need to login. The simple steps you will need to follow have been covered here:

Step 1-Open

Step 2-Click login 

Step 3-Enter user ID and password and then click login  

You need to ensure that the details that you have keyed in here are the correct details

Forgot your password

If you are experiencing problems with logging in then you may actually need to change the password so that you can login again. The below simple steps should help you to change your password:

Step 1-Click login on the homepage again

Step 2-Click forget your password?

Step 3-Enter your user ID and then click submit

Follow the next simple steps to change your password for the online account

How to enroll

Enrolling is basically the only way to get started with the online banking services. With just a few steps, you will have completed the registration process and you are good to go. We have compiled a list of steps you will need to follow in order to sign up:

Step 1-Click login again

Step 2-Click register

Step 3-Fill the form that has been presented on the page your see below and then click submit enrollment to complete the process

You need to make sure that the details you have provided here are correct

Manage your American Riviera Bank account online

  • Check account balance
  • View transaction history
  • Access customer support
  • Make a payment