Bank of North Carolina Online Banking Login

Founded in 1991, the Bank of North Carolina is a bank that offers the best customer service by focusing on individual needs. It makes banking simple through personalized banking as they also invest in their employees.

The Bank of North Carolina has for over two and a half decades made its name in the banking industry. With its first branch in 1992, the bank has come out to open dozens of branches across North Carolina and beyond. Started by professionals in the banking industry, the Bank of North Carolina has embraced technology with its e-banking services for both personal and business customers.

How to log in

To sign in, you need to have an online account with the Bank of North Carolina. The process is not only simple but secure and fast. You can check your bank balance and apply for a loan in short period. Such a banking system allows you to have your freedom of banking. The process of signing up involves:

Step 1: Click the link

Step 2: Go to the space as shown below.


Step 3: Enter your account ID and submit.


Step 4: Fill in your password and submit to access your account.



How to reset your account password

Use of passwords and user IDs comes with the risk of forgetting them. For the latter, it is not as common as the user ID is associated with your name. However, forgetting a password can be inevitable for most people. To reset it you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the button Forgot Password.


Step 2: Put in your account details and continue.


After you complete the verification process, your password will be reset.

How to enroll

Better banking services come with the type of technology the financial institution has invested in. The Bank of North Carolina has no short of this since it offers mobile and online banking services to its existing customers. After you have become a customer of the bank, you can enroll for the service through:

Step 1: Tap the enroll button as shown.


Step 2: Agree to the terms.


Step 3: Verify your account details and continue.



After that, you will complete a few more steps before enrolling for online banking.

How to manage your Bank of North Carolina account online

Imagine having the power to access your bank account on the move and perform transactions s if you were at the bank in person. This is what online and mobile banking means. It empowers you to pay your bills online, view your bank statements, and apply for a loan among others.