BBCN Bank Online Banking Login

Created in 2011, BBCN Bank was born as a result of the merger between Center Bank (1986) and Nara Bank (1989). Both banks decided to merge their assets and operations to help improve customer service and offer quality banking solutions to their customers.

The BBCN Bank is a trusted community bank with assets exceeding $7.8 billion. The bank is as a result of a merger between the Nara Bank and Center Bank which took place in 2011. BBCN Bank has earned its place as the largest Korean-American bank in the country. It provides affordable and reliable loans for small businesses and individuals. It has invested in online and mobile banking services. Customers with a login account can have access to their accounts, regardless of where they are.

How to log in

After you enroll for internet banking, you can access your account. You can either use your PC or mobile gadget to achieve this. The process is quick and involves:

Step 1: Go the home page link

Step 2: Select the service and enter your User ID. Click the Login button to continue.


Step 3: Enter your password detail and submit to access your account.


How to get your lost password

A passcode will help you to access your account. Most log in accounts will also need a company ID especially if it is a business account. You will likely forget the password as compared to the user ID or company ID. On how to get a new password, use the following steps:

Step 1: Below the password field, go to the Forgot your Password link.



Step 2: Put in your account details and submit.


You will find the password in your email.

How to enroll

New customers can get registered for online banking with ease. It takes a few minutes to get your sign up process completed. You have to submit your account details. It entails:

Step 1: Click the Enroll button below the User ID field.


Step 2: Select the account type, agree to the terms and submit to continue.


Step 3: Fill the form and submit the details to proceed to the next step.


The next thing will involve security questions. Create an account, before enrolling for internet banking.

How to manage your BBCN Bank account

You can manage your BBCN Bank account online once you are enrolled. The benefits are many as you can do almost everything you did before once you visited the bank in person. Some of those things you can do from your account online include:

  • Payment of bills
  • Access to your bank statement.
  • Access to your loan status