BTH Bank Online Banking Login

BTH Bank is a full service bank providing business and commercial banking services. The bank accepts deposits, gives loans and provides other banking services to the public.

BTH Bank gives its members reliable and secure access to the banking services offered. Members need to visit the bank’s website and register to start accessing these services. The members can manage their online accounts such as login in, resetting password and enrolling on the bank’s website. The simple steps for each process have been covered here comprehensively.

How to login

It takes only a few seconds to login into your account provided the details you have keyed in as logins are recognized by the bank’s system. The steps to follow have been covered here:

Step 1-Open

Step 2-Type in valid access ID and passcode and click the arrow to proceed with logging in

The login details you provide here must be correct

How to reset your password

If you want to have a new password for the online account, you will need to change it on the bank’s website. The steps that have been covered below should help you to change your password easily:

Step 1-Find the forgot passcode link on the bank’s homepage

Step 2-Provide a valid access ID, account number and social security number and click submit

How to sign up

Signing up for the online banking service shouldn’t be difficult as long as you are a member. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide certain details. The steps to follow have been covered here:

Step 1-Find the personal enroll and business enroll links on the homepage. Here, we will use the former

Step 2-Read all the terms of use of the website and then tick the checkbox you see there to confirm you agree and then click I agree.

Step 3-Make sure that you are providing the details accurately in the relevant fields shown in the page below and then click continue

Manage you BTH Bank account online

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money to other accounts
  • View your check images
  • Deposit checks
  • Access customer support
  • Find an ATM location