First South Bank Online Banking Login

First South Bank has a goal and vision to offering great customer service and being a prime bank in the region. It was established in 1902 and since then, it has come on top in customer service and quality banking solutions in North Carolina.

First South Bank is a top ranked financial institution with more than 30 branches. The Carolina-based bank offers reliable financial solutions to its customer. By accommodating the needs of both businesses and individuals, it has come out as a full-service bank. It includes having internet banking service as a way of ensuring that customers manage their accounts with ease irrespective of their location.

How to log in

Living in the modern days, you understand that queuing at the bank can be tiring, frustrating and unnecessary. With reliable banking services, you can now access your account over the internet. The login process for First South Bank involves:

Step 1: Visit the bank’s home page through the link

Step 2: Enter your account ID and Login.


Step 3: Put in your password and then submit to log in.


How to reset password

You may not pay attention to the details of your login information. When this happens, you can forget your password which will prevent you from accessing your account, at the time. Luckily, you can retrieve it and have access to your First South Bank account online. You can achieve this as follows:

Step 1: Click as shown below.


Step 2: Enter the details of your account and continue.


You will find the details of how to reset your account password in your email address.

How to enroll

Internet banking services give you access to your account without the need to move around in search of an ATM or the bank’s branch. However, you have to be an existing customer to qualify for this service. Assuming you are, follow the steps below to register:

Step 1: Click the Enroll button as shown below.


Step 2: Read and agree to the terms to proceed.


Step 3: Choose the account type, fill the fields as required and then Continue.


Once you have your information verified your online account will be active.

Manage your First South Bank account online

Once you have become an internet banking customer, you should be able to access your account online. After logging in, you can use the platform to check the status of your account, apply for a loan or pay your bills. The service is free which gives you the ultimate convenience in banking.