F&M Bank Online Banking Login

F&M Bank was founded in 1984. Headquartered in Granite, NC, the bank operates as a subsidiary of F&M Bank, Inc

If you have an F&M Bank account, you can register fort internet banking services on its platform so that you can access your banking account anytime. Registering is very easy and only takes a few minutes if you have reliable internet connection. Continue reading this post to learn how you can login, how you can retrieve your password and how you can enroll.

How to login

Just like your Twitter or Facebook account, you will need your login details to access your F&M Bank online account. Not using the correct logins means that you will not be granted access to your online account. Follow these simple steps to login:

Step 1-Start you PC, open your web browser and type in http://www.fmbnc.com/

Step 2-Click “online banking login”


Step 3-Enter your login ID and click “submit”


Step 4-Enter your password and click “submit”


The system requires you to use a valid online banking ID to be able to access your online account

Forgot your password?

In case you forgot your password or you are concerned the security of your online account, you can change the password. The process is very easy as long as you have a valid username. Follow these steps to login:

Step 1-Go to the homepage, click “online banking” and enter your login ID to access the password page

Step 2– Click “reset password”


Step 3-Enter your online banking ID, email address on file and email subject and click “continue”


How to enroll

It’s easy to enroll for the online banking services offered by F&M Bank. The online services are available to customers who have an account with the bank. Here is a step by step process of how you can create an online account with the bank:

Step 1-Click “online banking” on the homepage

Step 2– Click “enroll”


Step 3-Raed terms and conditions and click “I agree”


Manage your F&M Bank online account

Here are some of the benefits of having an online account with F&M Bank:

  • You can pay your bills anytime
  • Check your account balances
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Access your statement