Sallie Mae Bank Online Banking Login

Sallie Mae Bank provides loans for higher education to families and students in the United States. The bank was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Salk Lake, Utah. The bank is a a subsidiary of SLM Corporation

For Sallie Mae Bank customers, accessing their money and other financial services such as loans is as simple as logging into the bank’s website. The bank has a safe and secure platform where customers can login at any particular moment to take advantage of the online services. This comprehensive guide serves to walk you through easy steps for registering, logging in and resetting password.

How to login

This is a part that many people don’t struggle with because it is as simple as providing your login details in the login box in order to navigate to the dashboard. Here are steps to follow:

Step 1-Click to access the Sallie Mae Bank website

Step 2-Click login on the top right corner of the website

Step 3-Provide a valid username and password for your online account and click log in to student loans

How to reset your username

This is the part where many people struggle with because they don’t know how to proceed. However, it’s a pretty simple process that shouldn’t take up much of your time provided you understand the steps to follow. The steps have been highlighted here:

Step 1-Click login on the homepage again

Step 2-Click forgot your username?

Step 3-Provide your username, date of birth and then choose an option to confirm your identity and click continue

How to enroll

Before you login or even reset password, you will need to first enroll on the bank’s website. While many people picture this to be a complicated process, you should know that it’s pretty simple. The steps you need to follow have been covered below:

Step 1-Click login on the homepage again

Step 2-Provider username and password, read the terms and conditions of the website, tick the checkbox and click continue to proceed to the next step

Manage your Sallie Mae Bank account online

  • Check account balances
  • View your check images
  • Transfer money
  • Access online customer support
  • Update your information