Lake Sunapee Bank Online Banking Login

Lake Sunapee Bank provides banking services and products. Founded in 1868 and headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, the bank operates as a subsidiary of Lake Sunapee Bank Group.

Lake Sunapee Bank has been working to give their customers the best banking experience and it goes without saying that this will indeed help to make their services more convenient to customers. Customers can login using their computers or mobile apps on their smartphones. Just in case you are a customer and you are interested, here are quick steps that will help you to login, to reset password and to register.

How to login

With only a few simple steps and correct logins, you will have access to your online account. The process of logging in can only take a few minutes. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

Step 1-Click

Step 2-Provide your online banking ID and click “login”

Step 3-Provide your password and click the “submit” button

How to reset your password

Forgot you online password? If so, then you can reset it in only a few simple steps. Customers who have previously lost their passwords have been able to get a new password easily. The steps you need to follow are highlighted below:

Step 1-Go to the bank’s homepage and enter your login ID

Step 2– Click “pin reset”

Step 3-Provide your online banking ID, your email address on file and also your email subject and click “continue”

How to enroll

Lake Sunapee Bank has one of the best online platforms that allow customers to easily sign up for the online services. To enroll, you will have to provide a few details to show that you have an account with the bank. Here are quick steps to help you out:

Step 1-Click “enroll” on the homepage

Step 2– You will see terms and conditions on the page. Read them carefully and then click “I agree”

Step 3-Provide all the details that the bank needs on the page

Manage your Lake Sunapee Bank account online

Once you sign up for the online banking services, you will be able to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Pay bills
  • Check account balance
  • Online security
  • Access business loans
  • Find a location